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Visual story telling and problem solving is what I do.

Thinking and drawing:  I’m your pencil with a brain.

If you have a story that needs telling, or something you need to plant in someone else’s mind, and some pictures would help, then look no further…..I’m your man.

Usually I start with a concept, a script, or a shot list.

Sometimes the best visual explanation is quite literal, often analogies work better.

Here’s the goal: You end up with people knowing what you want them to know, and feeling how you’d like them to feel.

That’s it in a nutshell, and I’ve been doing it for ages, for everyone from advertising agencies, production companies, commercial and film directors, trade show booth designers, individuals, small businesses, large businesses, mega corporations – you name it.

Have a nose around the site, and get in touch whenever you’d like to. My email is right at the very bottom of each page. 

After that we can chat on the phone and get the ball rolling.

Steve is simply the best storyboard artist I have ever used. And one of the few who actually is an artist. He’s also very smart, a gifted draughtsman who brings a lot to the party, a film maker who totally gets our business, and a lot of fun to work with. He’s always my first call. Highly recommended.

Brent Thomas
Brent Thomas
Director/Owner GreenDot Films, Santa Monica, and former Chiat Day art director

Thanks so much for your recent work on our storyboards! The creativity you brought to the table to help extend the script’s concept was fantastic and right on target. Not to mention the speed and quality you always bring to our jobs. Thanks again, and I look forward to our next illustration project together!

Troy Dunn
Troy Dunn
Creative Director, Dunn&Co.

Give me a shout.

I’m all ears when it comes to new projects, so shoot me an email and we can see if I can help out with yours. 

Use the form, or just click on my email right at the bottom of the page.